Our Services

Babywearing is a learned and practiced skill.  We believe that it takes hands on instruction and time to master this skill.  As such, we are now offering babywearing workshops and one on one consultations.  Erin Heard is a babywearing educator and an avid babywearer and carrier collector.

Our Babywearing Workshops will focus on:

There will be time after the session for some hands on instruction and trying of carriers.  This workshop is meant to give moms and caregivers the information they need to comfortably and knowledgeably choose a baby carrier.

Our Babywearing Consultations will focus on:

One-on-one instruction and hands on help with your new carrier

The babywearing consultation is a chance to receive one on one help with your carrier and become more comfortable with the use of it and different or new carries.

We are now opening our Baby Carrier Lending Library! This is a chance to try out a carrier for a week and take it for a test drive.  Rent it, receive some hands on instruction, become comfortable with it, and see if it fits into your life!  Most rentals will receive a credit towards the purchase of a new carrier.  Currently we have wraps (stretchy, gauze, woven), mei tais and ring slings to lend out. 

Please contact us for more information and pricing on all of our great services!