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I started dancing with my first daughter when she was about six months old. We had a couple carriers we had purchased in stores and I just found them very uncomfortable I have had a lot of problems with my lower back and hip flexers so I never used anything to carry her around. When I started taking a salsa babies dance class for the first time, I discovered the wrap style carrier and instantly fell in love with it. My first daughter had quite a bit of colic, breastfed often, and had a very inconsistent sleeping pattern. When I started using the carrier it felt like a little bit of heaven - sounds corny but it's no joke. It was comfortable, she sometimes slept in it, I could get things done, she didn't cry, and she was so close to me I felt we were bonding each time I wore her. It quickly became an obsession and I stocked up on carriers. I think I ended up purchasing 5 or 6 carriers total that year just so I could coordinate with what I was wearing-totally a fashionable item as well;). My husband and I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer whether for camping, city events, or just going for walks around home. And yes he did wear her in the wrap as well! I became an instructor of the dance programs that I loved so much so I got an opportunity to dance more while wearing her. I wasn't the only one who loved it she continued to want to be in the carrier as well. I eventually put her in the back carry because she was about 30-35 pounds at that point. When she was two and a half I was pregnant with our second. I danced and carried my first on my back through my pregnancy - it wasn't until the later months when the band could no longer fit around my belly that I stopped, always comfortable and safe.

When my second was born I used the carriers instantly, swearing I would start sooner this time. My whole experience from birth with her was of course different but I do think some things are thanks to having my carriers. I don't mind as much this time around about breastfeeding in public but I was very uncomfortable the first time and have since then discovered how to breastfeed in a wrap-what a convenience! Not to mention having my hands free to play with my older daughter, get stuff done around the house, or even just to give her that closeness when she is hard to settle down. The feeling and closeness that you experience while having your baby close against your chest...well, there is nothing like it! My husband and I are happy with our two beautiful girls and the benefits of babywearing. We recommend and purchase wraps as gifts for friends with new babies all the time. On a list of things you need when starting or growing a family...wrap-style carriers are at the top of our list!

- Kasha -

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making my stunning sling!! I am in love with the way it looks, works, AND feels while in use. I caught on to using it for the most part right away, and my baby is as happy as can be while being all snuggly (and properly!) worn.

You really do offer much more than just a wonderful product. You offer a simple way to connect, bond and enjoy our babies/kids. And speaking from experience, a great carrier makes ALL the difference. Thanks for being so fabulous!

- Lynnelle -


After my daughter was born, I had a heck of a time breastfeeding.  No matter what I did, my body wasn't making enough milk for my little lady.  After a visit to a breastfeeding clinic, I learned about wraps, and about the benefits of skin-to-skin babywearing for lactation.  I never thought that a doctor would prescribe a wrap to me, and I never in my wildest dreams thought that a wrap could revolutionize my life as much as it has!  Not only did my wrap from Cosy Baby Happy Mommy help with breastfeeding, but it also gave me the freedom of having my hands free again!  Plus, I still find myself lusting over the gorgeous patterns that come out each season!  I can't wait to have my next babe to get a new one!
- Gwyn -


I just wanted to say how much I love my wrap that I ordered from you!  I had been wearing a store-bought carrier for the first six months, and while I liked having my baby close, it was never comfortable.  I tried the wrap at a Baby Salsa class and I am a true convert now!  I also love that you are a made-in-Edmonton company so I am supporting my community.  Thank you so much!  The next time I have to buy someone a baby gift I will order from you.  Thanks for a truly wonderful product.
- Robin -

Older Kids at Home

I started babywearing when my first child was just three months old. He and I were talking a dance class and it was necessary to put him in a carrier to participate in the class. At the time, it never occurred to me that I could “wear” him more often in order to get other tasks done while still bonding with him.

My daughter came along about two years later. I had lots of help from family for the first couple of weeks. But after that initial time period, I was in for a big surprise. My time was stretched pretty thinly amongst looking after my son and daughter, who were at very different stages in their lives. Then there were the other tasks that a typical stay-at-home mom is responsible for… meals, laundry, cleaning. I was at a complete loss as to how to do it all and found my stress and anxiety levels rising, which is not healthy for mommies or their babies to experience.

Then I met Erin of Cosy Baby Happy Mommy. I watched in awe while she “wore” two children at the same time, a baby and a toddler. I learned more about her business and came to a realization that there were many carriers to choose from, each for a different purpose or suited to an individual. After consulting with Erin, I chose to purchase a Ring Sling. Once I decided that I wanted one, I could barely contain my excitement while Erin custom-made my sling from her exquisite fabric collection. And soon enough, Erin had produced a beautiful sling and a would-be extra set of hands. My daughter and I started practicing with the ring sling, and soon enough it became routine for both of us. Erin was quick to provide support and resources about proper use of a baby carrier and how to use the carrier effectively as well.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I would have to say that the ring sling changed my life! Children love to be held frequently, and need to be held for their emotional wellbeing. My daughter was no different. With her in the sling I could do two things at once, like fix a snack for my son, unload the dishwasher, and so on. It really was like having an extra set of hands! Plus, I was feeling less anxious about the dishes piling up in the sink, and I didn’t have to let my daughter cry anymore in the playpen while I tended to my son’s needs. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I now know that the physical closeness between Mom and baby was lowering both of our anxiety levels as well!

There’s no way that I would have found the proper carrier to suit us if I had just purchased one out of a store. My sling came with lots of support and education from a very talented mompreneur. In fact, with my first child I had purchased/ received 4 different carriers and not one of them worked well or suited our activities, so I just gave up on using them! If only I had known then what I know now! I would definitely recommend Cosy Baby Happy Mommy carriers to any friend or any other mom.

Take it from a mom who has done it: don’t waste your precious time or money on any other carrier! Thank you Erin and Cosy Baby Happy Mommy for your wonderful products and expert support!
- Kerri -

Post Partum Depression

Babywearing is essential to moms suffering from post partum depression. When my first daughter was born a month early, the nurses recommended as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. But after weeks of sitting on the couch, feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious, while my baby screamed when I put her down for even a minute, I sank into PPD. My sister-in-law, who is also a doula, recommended trying a wrap carrier. It would give my daughter the skin-to-skin contact and closeness she needed while allowing me to resume some of my normal activities. It gave my daughter what she needed ad it gave me what I needed. Once I had practiced babywearing for a short I began to feel some of my anxiety lessening. Over time wearing my daughter helped me deal with my PPD while nurturing my relationship with her.

Babywearing became such a big part of the way I spent time with my daughter I sought out and started a babywearing dance class in my community, as a way to begin exercising again (another part of the formula for preventing and treating PPD). Babywearing allows parents to continue many different activities and babies learn about the world around them firsthand.

When my second daughter was born, I wore her from day one. Our second daughter also spent many hours being worn by my husband in his "man warp". Not only did wearing her from day one help with her GERD but it greatly helped me survive the adjustment from going from one child to two, lessened my anxiety and allowed me to act preventatively against my predisposition to PPD.

I feel the time I have spent wearing my children has strengthened our relationship and helped them feel secure in relationships with others. I have seen firsthand why babywearing is such an important practice for many women globally. It is a practice that I will continue to to advocate for until my own babywearing days are far behind me. And maybe one day I'll be a babywearing Grandma!

- Jessica -  


Where do I start? Well I am the mommy of three preemie babies. Two of whom were born at 31+ weeks gestation. I came across Erin Heard, and Cosy Baby Happy Mommy carriers when I was told about them by an acquaintance of mine, a nurse in the NICU at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, on my third preemie baby.

When asking people about carriers that could give me a safe carry for my tiny 3lb 4oz baby girl, I was terrified of the bad reviews from certain slings around this time. I wanted something safer that kept my preemie feeling comforted by my warmth, since she should still be warm inside her mommy's tummy. After seven weeks in the NICU I explored Erin's wraps, and also read online reviews from other moms who had used them. I was pleasantly surprised.

I decided to buy one and give it a try. I felt slightly intimidated at first trying to figure out how to put it on, but Erin provided such clear instructions and even offered for me to visit her at her home for help if I needed it. This was amazing customer support from a very tired and overwhelmed preemie mom concerned about doing everything properly for my little prem.

For the first time, my baby slept peacefully loving the skin-to-skin contact the wrap provided which is so vital for a premature baby. I could see her easily while she was in her wrap to be sure her airway was not compromised. She also loved the snug feel of being tightly wrapped up with her mama. It was a lifesaver, and helped my baby to transition from the NICU to being home with loud noises, along with a not so sterile environment. We also treasured the closeness the wrap provided us, and I'm sure it has contributed to her catching up developmentally as well. To any preemie mothers out there, trust me when I say your little preemies will benefit from this wrap. It is versatile, and your babies will love it. Thank you Erin for my wrap. It gave me my hands back, without the guilt. ;-)

- Terralyn -

Simplifying Daily Life

I recently had a custom ring sling made for me by Cosy Baby Happy Mommy (I love supporting local and mompreneurs!) I adore the fabulous lime green and graphic black and white floral print backed by black linen. Double sided means double the fashion options, and I like that these fabrics are lightweight enough that my bambina won't get too hot in the summer months. I love wearing her securely close to me, especially now that she's just starting the "stranger danger" phase. Don't get me wrong - I could not survive without my stroller, but the ring sling is fabulous for quick trips to the market or down Whyte Ave, allowing us to easily weave in and out of the crowds without the dirty looks from others that undoubtedly always accompanies a shopping trip with a big stroller in a crowded place. Plus, as a bonus for the pocketbook, I don't have the extra space under the stroller to stash unnecessary purchases :)

Baby wearing helped me out in many ways. I have three boys, aged three and under, so it has been essential to me to care for my children while taking care of baby's needs. To be able to carry baby and keep baby happy but remain hands free has been incredibly helpful! Fussy baby turns to happy sleeping baby almost immediately when put into a wrap, and would result in an hour or more of quiet rest for baby. Baby wearing has enabled me to get out for long walks, and get back into shape post partum and I have been able to use my wrap to dance in Salsa Babies classes to help get back into shape and have fun. Not only for special occasions or activities, I use the wrap to complete simple daily tasks like grocery shopping (3 kids don't fit in a cart!) and running errands. Baby wearing has changed how I get "out" with my kids, and keeps everyone in the family happy!
- Christy -


Being a new mom for baby twins definitely makes your life a very busy one right off the bat. I never really thought too much about baby wearing when I was pregnant, because how was I supposed to wear both children at once? Then I received a wrap for a baby shower gift. I started to just get used to the wrap and taking turns with whoever was the fussy baby. It freed up my hands and I was able to get things done with using BOTH hands. My babies were happy as can be, because they would always fall asleep in the wrap. 

When I heard of the program Salsa Babies, that’s when I figured it was a great opportunity to bring my children along and also get some exercise to lose this post partum weight. It wasn’t until I met Erin Heard of Cosy Baby Happy Mommy and I saw she was carrying her baby (same age as my babies) and her two year old at the time.   Erin helped me figure the best way for me to carry my babies who were only five months at the time. We tried different wrap holds for the babies and changed the positioning as they grew. I first started using two wraps and both babies were in the front. Then when the babies were about eight months, I started using a Mei Tai to carry one baby on my back. This Mei Tai also had as hood, which was helped keep the back twin’s head in place after falling asleep. I danced with both babies until they were a year old.

My experience of babywearing was short but sweet.  My children loved being in a wrap or carrier.  I’ll always remember carrying them; it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.  To be able to be so close to them is absolutely amazing!
- Melanie -

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!  I absolutely love my mei tai!!!  My back thanks you and my twins thank you because now I totally have my hands free to play with them!
- Kelly -