Wearing Instructions - Wrap

Basic Tying of a CBHM Wrap

Click the image for a larger view, or to see photos of the tying process.

Newborn Upright Carry: 0 - 6 Weeks

Classic Carry - Facing In: From 6 Weeks On

wrap, facing in

Removing Your Baby From a CBHM Wrap

Please note: We are no longer teaching or recommending a cradle hold carry in any carrier. This carry compromises baby's airway and it is difficult to properly position baby in this carry. We recommend a tummy to tummy (upright) position that allows their knees to be higher than their bum, in a frog position, their spine to be slightly rounded, and baby's head tilted back with face uncovered for proper airflow. Baby should always be carried high and close enough to kiss. Please contact us if you need help learning how to use your carrier safely.