Wearing Instructions - Mei Tais

Click the image for a larger view, or to see photos of the tying process.

Front Carry

baby in mei tai, facing outTake the short straps and tie them around your waist. Tie the straps snugly as your waist will hold a good bulk of baby's weight.

Pick your baby up and support him/her with one hand on your front and the baby's legs around your waist. Supporting your baby with one hand, reach down to pull the carrier up between the baby's legs and over baby's body, placing the shoulder shoulder straps over each of your shoulders. Make sure that the carrier is smooth against your baby for his/her comfort.

While still supporting your baby, reach around behind your back with your other hand to gather both of the shoulder straps. At this point, you have the baby's weight supported by the straps in your hand, you can now reach around with your other hand and grab a strap.

Cross the straps behind your back, making sure to not twist the straps to ensure maximum comfort for you. After crossing the straps, bring them around to the front to tie either under your baby's bottom (for an older baby/child), or behind their back (more suitable for a smaller baby).

Tip: To be sure that baby is up high enough, and that the carrier is tight enough to be extra comfortable, it is helpful to give a little bounce as you pull the straps together and the knot tight.

Hip Carry

Start by tying the short straps around your waist or hips. Put the baby on your hip and pull up the body of the carrier. Making sure that you are holding the baby snugly on your hips, take the strap on the front of your body and cross it over your body to the opposite shoulder, leaving it to drape over your shoulder. Grab the back strap and make sure it goes under baby's arm as you cross it across your back.

You now have two choices of how to tie your shoulder straps:

The baby should be snugly at your hip. If the baby has slipped down, just give the straps a little pull while gently wiggling the baby a bit to take up any slack on the straps.

Back Carry

baby in mei taiNote: Please make sure that you practice this carry using a sofa or bed first.

Start by tying the short straps around your waist, making sure that the carrier body is behind you. Pick the baby up and hold him/her on your hip. Lean over and slide the baby onto your back and get baby positioned. While still bent over, keep one hand on your baby and reach down to grab the carrier body with your other hand.

Pull the carrier up between the baby's legs and over his/her body. Still leaning over, grab the shoulder straps and place them over your shoulders. Then take the ends and give them a pull to take up any slack in the carrier. Also, make sure that the baby's legs are not stuck in the fabric. Holding the straps firmly, stand up. Give the baby a little wiggle and pull the straps firmly.

Bring the straps over your shoulders keeping them snug, and either cross the straps across your chest or bring them under your arms and around to the front. You can either tie the straps underneath the baby's bottom and legs, over the baby's bottom and legs, or behind the baby's back.

Please note: We are no longer teaching or recommending a cradle hold carry in any carrier. This carry compromises baby's airway and it is difficult to properly position baby in this carry. We recommend a tummy to tummy (upright) position that allows their knees to be higher than their bum, in a frog position, their spine to be slightly rounded, and baby's head tilted back with face uncovered for proper airflow. Baby should always be carried high and close enough to kiss. Please contact us if you need help learning how to use your carrier safely.