Frequently Asked Questions

Cosy Baby Happy Mommy on YouTubeWhere can I view instructional videos on how to use my Cosy Baby, Happy Mommy Carrier?”

You can also view our instructional videos online on the Cosy Baby, Happy Mommy channel on YouTube.

What type of carrier should I buy?

In order to decide on a carrier, you need to look at your lifestyle and what you plan on doing while wearing your baby.  If you plan on simply using a carrier around the home or stores occasionally, you may just want a ring sling.  If you are an active parent and plan on wearing baby a lot, then a wrap would be better suited for your needs.  If you enjoy hiking or dad wants an easy carrier to use, then a mei tai would work well.

The simple answer is that you should buy a carrier that suits your needs for right now.  Most moms find that as their babies grow, so do their criteria for a carrier, and they move into the next carrier that will work for that stage.

What are the benefits of each carrier?

A wrap provides you with two-shoulder support, helping you support the weight of your baby with your core muscles.  This is great for active people or people with back injuries, and for long-term wearing.  Newborn babies through toddlers appreciate the security and snuggly feeling in a wrap.

A sling gives you one-shoulder support to help spread the weight across your back.  A sling is perfect for those quick trips in the grocery store or to and from the vehicle.  Slings are easy to get in and out of, for a quick fix to a toddler meltdown.

A mei tai will provide you with the same support as a wrap.  They are ideal for heavier babies (over 4 months of age) and toddlers alike. They are perfect for long-term wearing, active people, and back injuries. Mei tais are the perfect solution for a toddler that is outgrowing the weight class on other carriers.

Our NEW Snap And Go Buckle Tai is a combination of a classic Mei Tai with an adjustable buckle waist for added comfort and convenience!

How do I safely wear my baby?

Proper positioning in any carrier is upright, with the baby facing in.  We recommend that your baby is always positioned in the carrier as follows:

You may notice many manufacturers suggest forward facing (baby facing outwards) and cradle carry positions.  These are two carries we do not recommend. They make it difficult to position the baby safely, are ergonomically incorrect for both the baby and the wearer, and appear to contribute to breastfeeding problems.

From what age can I wear my baby?

You can wear your baby from day one until you are both finished with your baby-wearing journey!  Preemies (with great attention to proper positioning) through preschoolers enjoy being next to mom and benefit from baby-wearing.  Some moms find that their babies will go through a "baby-wearing strike" around developmental spurts as they start to cruise and learn to walk.  But after that skill has been challenged, those babies want the comfort of being worn again.

I’m taking an exercise class with my baby.  Which carrier should I get?

We highly recommend a wrap or mei tai for an exercise class (based on child’s age).  Both carriers provide excellent support for mom and great ergonomic positioning and support for baby.


Disclaimer: Baby-wearing is an extremely safe and healthy practice when it is done correctly.  Ensuring that you are comfortable with your carrier and are able to ensure the safe position of our child is your responsibility.  We offer several instructional materials including photos and videos to help you with this process. We also offer baby-wearing consultations. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety the carrier, the proper positioning for your child, or any other question that you would like to address, please contact us directly so that we may assist you.

We recommend that you have another person handy when trying out your carrier for the first time.  If this is not possible, you can use a sofa, bed, or table for extra support.  A mirror is also handy if you want to check anything or see anything behind your back.

Some people will be able to put on a carrier for the first time with no problems.  Others, it may take a little practice, but soon it will be seconds to get a carrier on and baby in it with no difficulties.  Before putting baby in for the first time, make sure baby is fed, changed, and somewhat happy.  Some babies do protest to being in a carrier the first few times, but eventually all babies fall in love with them.  Try to go for a nice walk the first time to adjust yourself and baby to the carrier.

Please remember that, while your carrier and baby-wearing in general are safe practices, it is your responsibility to keep you and your baby safe through ensuring that your activities are safe and appropriate.  Please take extra care when squatting, bending over, stooping, turning sharp corners, etc.  We do not recommend baby wearing with ice skating, skiing, or other high speed or contact sports. Check your knots and straps frequently to ensure that your carrier is properly tied. Always make sure you can see your baby’s face and that his/her airway is not obstructed. Inspect your carrier often and do not use it if the seams or fabric is ripping or worn out. 

Wearing Instructions:

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